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Commitment to Community

Time Warner Cable in the Community

Customer service and service to our communities go hand in hand at Time Warner Cable.  Corporate responsibility is woven into the fabric of who we are and what we do.  Throughout our history we have demonstrated that commitment with sponsored events, educational programs and charitable donations all focused on strengthening the communities where we operate.

Each year we donate several million dollars directly to nonprofit organizations. Greater still are the tens of millions of dollars more of in-kind contributions we provide through the production and distribution of public service announcements, free cable and high speed broadband connections to schools, and employee volunteer activities.

Time Warner Cable. In the community


Currently we are embarking on a giving strategy that, we believe, will help us make an even greater and more lasting social impact on our communities and, we hope, on the nation as well.  Our country’s ability to couple science and technology with innovation to solve problems has been the foundation for our quality of life, our security, our health and our prosperity. The decline in young people’s interest in and appreciation of education and careers in these areas is a significant issue for our society. It puts our country at risk; and it puts our communities and our children at risk. That is why our goal for 2009 and beyond is to inspire young people to build the skills needed – in science, technology, engineering and math – to become the problem solvers of tomorrow.


Time Warner Cable and the Environment

At Time Warner Cable, we're committed to decreasing our business impact on the environment.  Our efforts are focused on fleet management, paperless operations such as our eCommerce site, power usage and recycling.   In addition, we are using the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) sustainability rating system as a standard protocol for all facility construction projects.  We are currently seeking LEED Certification at the Silver Level or better for five separate projects across the country.

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