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About Us

At Time Warner Cable Inc. we’re all about connecting people and businesses with information, entertainment and each other. That’s why we bring you the latest innovations for your home - from high-definition television to Enhanced TV features to high-speed data and Digital Phone services. We also believe in the power of community, which we show through our signature education programs, countless hours of volunteerism and by contributing cash and in-kind support to benefit the communities where we operate.


Our Mission

Connect people and businesses with information, entertainment and each other. 

Give customers control in ways that are simple and easy.


We believe that innovation begins with our employees and partners, and that diversity and inclusion create an environment for success. We invite you to find out more about our diverse community of employees. 
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Company Highlights

Our company was built on a foundation of technological innovation. As the second-largest cable company in the U.S., we deliver products and services to more than 14 million customers.  But at the heart of it, we give people control in ways that are simple and easy.

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In The News

Find out about the latest Time Warner Cable innovations and get updates on events and activities around the country.

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Who Are We?

Meet the people who keep Time Warner Cable growing as a leader in the entertainment and communications industry.

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Careers at Time Warner Cable

We’re always looking to meet smart, creative, and passionate new people. Whether you're a college graduate ready to start your career, or a professional looking for your next challenge, we offer the opportunities, diversity and the growth you're looking for.

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The Power of Community
We’re just as committed to serving the community as we are to serving individual customers. We support local organizations through sponsored events, educational programs and charitable donations.

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Investor Center

Stay up-to-date on the company’s financial information with investor news and events, reports and filings, corporate governance, presentations and stock quotes.

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