Coachella Valley and Morongo Basin

<h3>5GHz LTU Internet</h3>

5GHz LTU Internet

True broadband internet connectivity for rural areas using ISM spectrum in a new and efficient way. Bringing speeds up to 300MBit to residential installations for reliable internet access in remote areas. Install includes wireless router.

<h3>60GHz Wave to Business</h3>

60GHz Wave to Business

Using mmWave technology, true fiber-like wireless connections can be brought to your premises for fastest time to live service and symmetrical speeds up to 1 Gig. Install includes 5 static IPs and a Managed Services router.

<h3>Last-Mile Fiber Connection</h3>

Last-Mile Fiber Connection

Using AirFiber technology, we bring gigabit fiber to your location without costly construction and permit costs. Since it's wireless, time to deploy drops from several months to a few days in most cases.

<h3>Business Continuity</h3>

Business Continuity

Redundant LTE modem along with our Security Gateway solution provides 4G backup connectivity for true redundancy of mission-critical systems like VoIP, alarm systems, and CCTV.

Real Broadband Internet

Let's face it - internet connectivity in our area is beneath the FCC Broadband Standard. New construction fiber costs over $15K per mile installed in conduit - excluding permits, inspections, mobilizing contractors, and design costs.

Luckily, we have a solution to bring reliable fiber-extending internet access to you without ripping up miles of ground to your property. We call it FIREWI, and it is the fastest wireless service in a 30 mile radius.

We do what no other fixed wireless internet provider has done - offer fully redundant systems to minimize service interruptions to the customer while bringing the fastest speeds and lowest latency.

We are busy building out a network that we know can withstand many types of outages across a broad area with no single point of failure. We want you to expect this of us, and depend on us. We know issues will happen - that's why we are built for it.