A Few Words From The Founder

With technology integrated into every facet of human existance, it is difficult to hold one's attention beyond 30 seconds. We know and understand this simple truth, so we have designed this site to be mindful of one's time. We hope that you find our site useful in your decision making process and believe it can assist you to select a solution that will help you excel in your endeavors both personally and efficiently as a business.

Compiled here in these few pages are two decades of personal experiece in all types of technology. From Mil-Spec COTS computers in the USAF, to Nevada Gaming Standards for casino systems, Microwave communications for ISPs, HIPAA compliance for hospitals, Luxury Resort class technology for hospitality, and security & surveillance for the heavily regulated Cannabis industry, we have a deep understanding of what works and what doesn't. Everything we use are both open systems and commercially supported

Our Professional Skills

Completely reconceptualize leading-edge e-commerce

Whereas 2.0 ideas. Energistically expedite frictionless infrastructures without user friendly quality vectors. Distinctively communicate customer directed content for leading-edge web-readiness. Professionally fabricate technically sound mindshare before emerging paradigms. Efficiently e-enable vertical benefits after intermandated vortals.

Enthusiastically innovate one-to-one technology through user-centric architectures. Dynamically whiteboard global processes with compelling interfaces. Globally empower ubiquitous growth strategies vis-a-vis cross-unit alignments. Collaboratively evisculate client-focused niches with impactful alignments.


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